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All About The Base

All About The Base

We've all seen it, bras that don't fit, coloured underwear under white clothing and heaven forbid you go one day without seeing a panty line suffocating an ass cheek! Now I am not saying I've never had an indiscretion, but the countless years in retail have taught me a thing or two about why its paramount to have the right under garments. Its all about the base!


Now if you do not own a nude t-shirt bra then that is your first stop. They are perfect for wearing under your basic t-shirts, sheer white linen shirts, silks and is just a great every day bra.

Now it doesn't have to be straight boring, you can find ones with lace side panels but the cup itself is what needs to be smooth.

Now get ready for the best advice ever.... get fitted! I cannot stress that enough. You don't want to have to constantly pull up your bra, have the back riding up or walk around with double boobs. I know it can sometimes be painful but seeing a professional will do wonders and you won't believe the difference it makes to how your clothes sit on your body. 


This advice is so important when buying the right strapless. I am shall we say well endowed (10G) so I struggled when finding a strapless for my wedding dress. I had a corset ordered for me but it left me feeling a little jiggly... you know what I mean if you have boobs. I eventually found one a few weeks later and was fitted properly for it. There are brands that cater for us larger busted ladies that I'll put down in the shop section, trust me they do exist.

The other most common mishap is wearing the wrong type of bra for the garment you are wearing. Clear straps doesn't mean you can wear them as a normal bra with a razor back top... you can still see them. They are meant for wearing under clothing straps so you don't have a distracting bra strap under your garment straps.


This next faux pau I don't see this as much anymore but a coloured bra under a white, lace or see-through top is not flattering or sexy.

If you want to bring the sexy and show some lace there are ways to show a little without looking tacky (sorry couldn't find a nicer word). See the picture to the left... thats the way to do it.

Now onto the less talked about issue when it comes to lingerie... underwear! My number one rule is size up. I always go up a size in my underwear so it fits right, you don't get the muffin top or the panty line and you're not constantly picking out a wedgie, unless you are ok with it cause you wear a G. There are some people who don't need to worry about this... but if you have a little pudge (like me) than upsizing helps you to avoid that accentuated muffin top.


I am going to repeat myself here but if you don't own at least one pair of nude undies than you need to now!... like go now or if you can't be bothered getting up then buy some online. You shouldn't be wearing any other colour under a white dress, skirt, pants or shorts!! Ever! White under white shows up and everyone can see everything. For me this is a staple and if you have more than one pair you are a legend!

Onto a highly debated issue... shapewear. There are quite a few types you can get, ones that are just for the tummy, ones that go right up under the bust. It's important to get the right type for what you're after. I bought a pair that are like bike shorts about 5 years ago from Witchery and they are still going strong. They are great because I can wear them under pants as well as skirts and dresses.


I would strongly suggest investing in a quality pair but don't forget to buy one that still makes you feel sexy. Shapewear doesn't have to be ugly aka Bridget Jones. Nancy Ganz (pictured) has some stunning pieces and if you are nervous buying online they are stocked in Myer and David Jones. They also do lay-by so you don't have to pay for it all upfront.

For me personally, shapewear allows me to feel confident and sexy and shows off my curves. It helps to smooth over any lumps that make me feel self conscious and I think it helps with my self esteem especially since having my son. My body has changed and this helps me to feel good when going out even thought my husband still thinks I'm sexy.

With all the major crimes taken care of, the only other issues with underwear are the panty lines and when its not ok to wear lace. These days you can buy seam free in every style so no excuse for VPL. Also check that your underwear isn't too tight either (again go up a size) as this is usually why you get it. A g-strng to boy short are also great options for an invisible panty line... PS i hate the word panty or panties...


If you are a lover of wearing lace underwear avoid light weight fabrics like satin or jersey, because you can see every bump which distracts people more often than not. Its kinda like a car crash, you just can't help but look, and not for the right reasons.

My final note on this subject is your underwear should always enhance your shape. By that I'm saying make sure it works with your body shape and ignore the size. When you buy things that may be a size up but fits you better, you look better. The garment will enhance your silhouette, show off your best assets and not only will you feel comfortable but you'll feel good, cause you look good. 

I cannot stress this enough, if you look good, especially in your lingerie then you feel good. I guarantee you that this will impact your life more than you think it will..

Love Mel xoxo


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