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My Photographic Prints

My Photographic Prints

The day is finally here and my photographic prints are online! This has been a very scary journey for me as I have never done anything like this and I've been told running a small business isn't easy. Through-out this journey I have questioned myself and wondered if I gave up would anyone notice... even though I had talked about doing it for months.


But I have two reasons why I'm doing this. Firstly I wanted to have something for me. Outside of being a mum and a wife. This can be a taboo thing to say but for me it's important to have me moments, so when I am with my family I am at my best and can give them my best.

Secondly as a stay at home mum, I love that I can spend time raising my son. So for me this is an opportunity to run a business, learn something new and contribute to the family in a financial way. I am sure there are a lot of mums who know how I feel (no, my husband has never pressured me to return to work).

With all that said, all my photographic prints are taken by me and then edited by me. This is something I love to do. The editing process itself can take some time as I have to go through all my photos, pick my favourites, then edit the ones I have chosen. It's so exciting to see one of the photos I have taken turn into something someone may want in their home, it's a humbling thought.


After all that, I then spent a lot of time researching a printing service that could give me the quality I was after. I wanted to make sure that you, my customers would know that what they were buying was the best. When I got my first samples I was so excited as they were everything I had hoped they'd be.

Then came the hard part for me...organising how to sell the prints on my blog, how to set up postage to avoid damaged stock and photograph them for the website... which is harder than I thought it would be!

This whole process has proven to be challenging and I am so grateful that I continued and didn't give up. I had so much support from my family and friends and I couldn't have done any of this without them. I decided after I wanted to give up for the third or forth time that if I was to have any hope of succeeding in my new venture than I couldn't be afraid to be vulnerable and ask for help. A lesson I learnt from being a new mum.  

Now I have 6 prints up in the store, 3 metallic and 3 lustre with sets (2 prints to a set) coming next month. Then I hope to add some quotes and fashion illustrations (done by me) to the shop so stay tuned for those. Leave any feedback in the comments below (please keep it constructive) and let me know if you'd like something particular next. 

Thank you for your support, even if all you've done is read by blog :) I have linked some items from the shop below, happy browsing and I hope you see something you like :)

Love Mel xo

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