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How To Wear Summer Dresses All Year Round

How To Wear Summer Dresses All Year Round

I love dresses... maxi, midi, floral, spotty, they are one of the few things I like about summer. I think it has something to do with billowing fabric and the way a maxi moves when I walk. So when winter comes I have a few tricks up my sleeve that allow me to wear my favourite dress all year round and now you can too... 

The easiest way is to pair your dress with a jacket. Leather is always my first choice as it's always in fashion and can even be worn over an evening gown. My next pick would be the humble denim jacket which has become this seasons must have. It's perfect for a more causal look and will carry you into spring. Just roll up the sleeves or bunch them up around your elbow during the day and where them down for those cooler nights. My last pick but by no means is it less than amazing is a blazer. Classic, tailored for your shape it will allow you to wear your dress in a more formal way.


Now when it comes to pairing your dress with boots take note of where your hem line finishes in conjunction with the top of your boot. You want to make sure you don't make yourself look shorter by cutting your leg in the wrong place. If you are wearing a shorter dress then you can go for either a shorter boot with stockings or a knee/thigh high boot to cover your legs. If your hem line is knee length or lower then you have a few options. An ankle boot (sits just under your ankle) or a sock boot will both keep your legs looking long as the show off the skinniest part of your leg. My fave option though is an over the knee or thigh high boot disappearing into the skirt of your dress. You look longer and taller and it adds just a bit of that 70's boho vibe to your outfit.


My favourite look is wearing a knit over your dress so it looks like a skirt. It looks so effortless and while you keep nice and warm you still maintain the flowiness (not sure that's even a word) of the skirt. Pair it with boots or a killer pair of velvet heels and you're all set!! If you can't find a knit you like then a cardigan also works.The secret is to always belt it. Belting this look will cinch in your waist making the look less slouchy and streamline the lines of your outfit making you look taller.


Wearing your dress over pants or jeans can be a tricky endeavour but looks amazing when done right. Stick to a straight or skinny leg to keep the look balanced. If you are wearing a maxi dress or kaftan tuck in a small bit at the front and then leave the back out so you're not trying to stuff the entire dress down your pants. Or wear it open like a coat - this works better if the dress has a fitted waist line. Shorter dresses are the best to wear like a top and you can generally tuck it in like you would a blouse. Or simple wear the dress straight over your jeans. The possibilities are endless.


The final look is to add a long sleeve bodysuit, turtle neck top or white collard shirt under your dress. You can then add a coat on top if you live in a colder climate. It's best to pick a top that is tighter fitting so it doesn't add bulk under your dress. This is a really simple way to wear your dress in winter and is great for those cooler days in spring and autumn as well. 


Hopefully you have found some inspiration to wear your summer dresses all year round. As always I have added a shop section below with a combination of dresses, tops, shoes and jackets! Again if you have any questions hit me up in the comments section or if you want to say hi! 

Love Mel xo

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