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Creating A Wardrobe That Works

Creating A Wardrobe That Works

You know the saying “You can’t see the forest for the trees?!” That’s how I feel about my wardrobe! I find myself wearing the same things over and over again and don’t really know what I have and what I don’t! I end up hating what I wear and it makes me feel a little shitty to tell you the truth! 

So I came to the decision that I needed to do a wardrobe clean out and really look at what my current style is, and what I need to add to my wardrobe to create the style I want. 

Now before you start to make any changes in your life you need to look at what you have before adding what you actually need. There are a few steps I like to take to really get an insight into my current wardrobe situation. You can also follow these steps as well if you’re also want to stop hating your clothes.

Step one is pull everything out of your wardrobe, I mean everything! I like to use a clothes rail to do this as it keeps things a bit tidier and you can buy cheap ones from Kmart if you don’t already have one. Now the first things to get rid of are the pieces that don’t fit! 

You can put them into storage if you want to keep the more sentimental pieces, otherwise donate or sell them. Seeing things in your closest that no longer fit will only make you feel bad about yourself!! For me it’s a constant reminder of the weight I’ve put on since having Duke and it’s making me feel depressed. Every time I look in there I see pieces that used to fit and decide not to look through the rest! I want to open my closet and see only pieces that fit me and make me feel great regardless of my current size! 

You also want to remove anything that needs mending or tailoring. If you haven’t fixed it by now then it needs to go. If you’re still unsure, give yourself a month to fix it, if you don’t then that probably means you don’t actually want it. I have a few of these pieces too... I’m giving myself a month! 

Also try things on! You may be surprised and find something you’d forgotten about or thought wouldn’t fit! Then when you’ve sorted through all of that, place everything back in your wardrobe which leads on to step two. 

Place everything back in the wrong way to how you normally would. Then when you wear something place it back the right way. After two months pull out everything that’s hung the right way around and that’s what your current “style” is. Again I like to put it on a rail to get an overall view of what I’ve been wearing. I do realise two months is a long time so if you’re like me you already know what you do and don’t wear and can start sorting now.


Step three is the easiest, it’s saving pictures of style inspiration either on Pinterest or in a folder on Instagram. I like to do this especially leading into a new season anyway. I find common items from what I’ve saved that define the style I want to have and create a list. I also like to highlight investment pieces I need. This season there are three: a camel coat, a black blazer and a long sleeve floral dress. 

Now that you have what style you’d like to wear and can see what your current style is, now it’s time for Step Four, streamlining a new style. Look for the gaps in those everyday pieces you wear on the rail and remove those that no longer represent where you want your style to go. Then with the remaining unworn items left in your wardrobe, see if any of those items match with what’s on your list. That way you aren’t doubling up and buying pieces you already own!

Whats left in your wardrobe can then move on. You can exclude any formal wear you have for special occasions or items for other seasons. I don’t expext to be wearing many singlets in winter but that doesn’t mean I won’t wear them in summer.  So I’ll usually store those and bring them out when it gets warmer and do this whole process again. 


So what you are probably going to be left with are items you love to wear (probably a lot of basics like jeans and tshirts in my case) and the beginnings of a wardrobe full of pieces that will fit and suit the style you want. Your wardrobe will look a little bare but it’s got good bones. Something you can now build on. And you will start to wear the other pieces you’ve pulled out of your wardrobe that you forgot you had because you won’t have anything else! 

I have a bad habit of buying things then not wearing them because they should be worn for a particular occasion. When in reality they are perfectly fine for everyday wear and on my list of items from my inspiration pics! 

Now for the last step, restocking your wardrobe. Use your list of items that you collated earlier and stick to it! This will also stop you from buying things on a whim and then never wearing them. If it’s not on the list it doesn’t go in the wardrobe! 

For me this has been about taking control and owning my body by wearing items that suit me now. Removing the focus and pressure off myself to look like I did 2 years ago and remembering that it’s ok to not be back there yet. By creating a wardobe that fits my needs and body now will make me so much happier cause I’ll look good then the rest will follow. 

Let me know if you’re going to take this on too and don’t forget if you have any questions let me know in the comments below. 

Love Mel x

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