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The Truth Of It All

The Truth Of It All

It’s been a while…. hi! It’s been an uneventful but eventful few weeks if you know what I mean and I’m finally at a place where I understand more about why I haven’t been active on my blog.

I thought the reason why was because I had writers block, but in truth it’s because I have/had put so much pressure on myself to always have a topic to write about and to make it look so polished and put together, that I froze. I began to feel like what I was doing wasn’t good enough and that I was a fraud.

The blog quickly stopped being something I was excited about and loved to being about what I thought people might want to read. I started to feel like what I was putting out there to be inauthentic (even though I stand behind everything I have written so far). I think I felt that way because I am not in a financial place to show that I wear what I talk about, and that people would see through me and not trust in me.

So much of being a great blogger for me is integrity and bloggers that I follow have that. They say what they feel regardless and they work with brands they believe in. The content they create is of high quality. But to compare oneself to them is unrealistic and while I get that it can be so hard sometime because I see that as where I want to be.

Recently I have been listening to some amazing podcasts and a series that has really stood out to me is At Home With by Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton. Both these ladies are bloggers and YouTubers from the UK who I follow. They have interviewed so many incredible and inspiring women from other bloggers to CEO’s of major beauty brands to poets. If you get a chance I highly recommend listening to it. These women are from all different backgrounds, education and ethnicity but it’s their drive for what they do and what they stand for that keeps me listening. I think I was looking for something to spark my passion again, I kept thinking I wish I was that clear on my purpose.

However it wasn’t until I heard Tash Sefton recently speak that it really clicked for me. She was asked about social media and she said “social media is the behind the scenes of what I do” and if you’ve seen her feed than you can see that.

Now I am the first person to say that I do follow accounts that are polished with stunning imagery and hope to one day do the same. But after hearing how she sees Social media and that her other work is what she really does, I realised that my blog and my art/photography should be my focus. But more to the point they should reflect me more. I always wanted to be a writer like Carrie from Sex And The City and talk about things that were happening in my everyday life but I think I got caught up in the highly polished blogs of those who have been doing it for years.

I want my Instagram to show more of my everyday life with a few flatlays and ootd’s mixed in as that’s who I am. A mum with a two year old who can sometimes get it together for one pic. Stop the worrying about the perfect lighting with a cool art graffiti-ed wall behind it. Even though I will always jump at the chance to do that cause lets face it, those pics look good!

So from now on I am going to post when I post. Sometimes it will be a spur of the moment post about a random topic and sometimes it will be a more put together post with pretty pictures and sometimes it will be a post about my week from hell. I will still do my monthly Hunt piece as that’s what I love to do but everything else is up in the air.

If you wanna stick around I’d love to share my life with you and if not than no hard feelings.

Love Mel xo

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