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How To Go From Mum To Boss

How To Go From Mum To Boss

Being a working mum is tough. Not only do you have to switch from mummy mode to boss bitch in between dropping the kids off at school and arriving at work, you have to make your wardrobe works for both.

So I have come up with some easy options for you to transform your everyday mum outfit to a work appropriate look on the days you are both boss and mum. Each option I present can work whether you have a relaxed or corporate work environment. It’s all how you work it in with your current pieces.

Now we can get into the good stuff. The first one is the easiest… a blazer! It can be anything from a basic black or white tailored blazer to an animal print or embellished blazer. Both work with jeans and tee/shirt, just make sure your jeans are a darker colour and have no rips and pair it with heels. You could also wear a pair of white sneakers or flats depending again on how relaxed your work environment is. So when you drop the kids off all you need to do is switch out your shoes if needed, switch out your jumper/cardigan for a blazer and I like to add a bold lipstick to add that little bit extra! I know it doesn't sound like much but a blazer can dress up any outfit.

My next go to is make the most of using layers. While most of the layering options are for winter there are one or two that can be worn in the warmer months. In summer a sleeveless vest is the way to go. It’s tailored so it looks classic and worn over a tshirt/shirt and jeans all you need is to add a simple pair of heels and your everyday outfit is ready for the office. So when it’s time to go into mum mode, swap your heels for flats, take off your vest and you’re ready to run around after the kids.

When is starts to get a little cooler I love layering a jumper or knit over a shirt/tee with a skirt/jeans or dress. It adds another layer of texture and depth to your outfit while also allowing you to cover a basic piece of clothing. I especially love doing this with a denim shirt as they go with just about everything. Choosing a jumper or knit with an embellishment allows you to forego having to add jewelry to your look and personally I love it as it allows your personality to shine through.

And then finally when it gets to winter just add a blazer or tailored jacket and your go to go. This is definitely an option for those working in a more corporate environment. You can wear your tailored pants, wear a collared shirt, add a knit (not jumper) and add your blazer to complete the look.  All these options will allow you to wear sneakers or flats with your mum look, then once the kids are off to school, just switch your everyday jumper for a dressier knit and throw on your blazer.

Also don’t be afraid to do some simple styling with layers like pushing up your jumper to your elbows while still showing the shirt cuffs. If you’ve chosen a longer knit to wear over a dress simply add a belt to cinch in your waist and finally add accessories! A bold necklace or earrings always makes me feel dressed up and adds some sparkle to your outfit.

Living in the sunshine state we are bombarded with warm, humid, sticky weather for the majority of the year; so it’s only natural that one of my go to mum looks is a flowy, easy to wear dress. Shift dresses, tiered dresses and off the shoulder dresses are the perfect transition piece for mums who work. Choose pieces where the hem sits just above the knee or below for the most flattering look or a maxi dresses work great too! Especially if you have younger kids you will need to be able to bend over. As your kids get older you can start to play with hem lengths a bit more.

These dresses look great with flats whether that’s a pair of strappy sandals or a pair of white sneakers or even a pair of loafers. You could easily wear this look to a casual meeting, all you would need to add is maybe some layering necklaces and a structured bag. If you need to dress it up even more, pair it with some strappy heels or a great pair of wedges. Don’t forget to add a coloured lippy and when it starts to get cooler you can throw on a blazer/leather jacket or throw on a pair of skinny jeans like in the pic below.

For those of you who have trouble mixing colours or patterns or you just like a more streamlined look; going head to toe in the same colour is my go to! Pair pieces in the same colour but in different tones or textures. Black is always an easy option especially if you work in a corporate office. However nudes, pinks and denims are always a great option if you’re not into the morticia look! When in doubt add a basic white or black piece to an otherwise monochromatic look and don’t think you can’t add a print. Just use one that has the same base colour - so if you’re outfit is camel, add a leopard shirt!

This last one might sound strange but leave your slouchy bag at home and opt for a structured one. Classic shapes with clean lines will always elevate your look, the same way adding a tailored jacket or vest to your outfit does. Choose a neutral colour so it goes with all your looks and I would recommend investing in a quality bag that will last you multiple years. I’ve included some backpacks for inspiration as well as you can get some amazing pieces now can’t be easier to carry all you work and Mum stuff.

I’m also giving you the same advice for your basics. As most of these looks contain more than one basic you want to invest in pieces that will last. As much as I love a Kmart tee they don’t last very long. I would put my money in those pieces that you’ll wear both on a work day and weekend. You don't have to spend a fortune, just spend your money with the right brands. Seed, Witchery and Decjuba are great mid range brands. I have items from Witchery that have lasted me nearly 6 years and they are still going strong. Don’t forget shoes as well!

To help your items last longer always take care when washing them and find a great tailor just incase. Also, if it fits amazing buy it in every colour or multiples! I do both. I like to have a back ups lol.

My one last piece of advice is to prep. Just like you prepare your lunches for the week, plan your outfits. Try things on and take polaroids or have each look sectioned together in your wardrobe and get it out the night before. Pack a tote with extra bits you need like heels or a jacket. That way in the morning you can get dressed, grab your tote and head out the door.

Keep a makeup bag either in the car or in your tote with basics like one or two different coloured lipsticks, some powder, blush and a mascara… the amount of times I’ve run out the door and forgotten to put mascara on. I literally feel naked without it lol. You could also do this with your heels- have them always in the car and change into your flats when you are in Mum time.

Hopefully I have helped you to plan what looks you can create with your wardrobe that can take you from dropping the kids off at school, to walking in the door at work looking your best. I follow some amazing bloggers/Instagrammers who are amazing at being a working mum. Head to my Insta, I’ll add a highlight for you. I’ve also added a shop section of pieces that will work in any mums wardrobe!

Love Mel

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