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Style Hacks

Style Hacks

One of the things that makes street style so coveted is how they style each look. Their outfit could be a basic tee, blazer and jeans but it’s how it’s styled that gives the look that something extra.

I’ve put together 8 simple style hacks for you to use on your look and they all entail using pieces and items you already have in your wardrobe.

1. The Belt

Belt at the smallest part of your waist! I’ve seen this many times where someone belts a simple shift style dress at the hips, which is usually one of the widest parts of the body, and it does nothing to show off the amazing figure underneath.

Bringing the belt up to the smallest part of your waist will elongate your legs, create a waist if you don’t have one and give you a beautiful hourglass shape.

Don’t be afraid to use this technique when layering pieces as well. For example when layering a cardigan or jacket over a dress/pants, add the belt over the outer layer. When removing the outer pieces just transfer the belt to the outfit underneath. My fav winter look is layering a scarf over an outfit and belting that! Instant chic!

2. The Hair Tie Part 1

Don’t underestimate the humble hair tie which can transfer your outfit two ways. The first is using it to simply keep the sleeves of your top/jacket/jumper/dress up! It’s such a strange thing to think that doing this one hack can make a massive difference.

It adds an extra element of texture to your outfit, it helps to create a waist line and if you’re like me and not a fan of having my sleeves down all the time, use the hair tie to keep a pushed up sleeve pushed up.

If layering a long sleeve under a jacket then only push up the other layer. That way if it’s cold your arms are still covered but your adding a style element to your look.

3. The Hair Tie Part 2

The second use for a hair tie is to tie the hem of your t-shirt then roll it or knot it. Simple yet very effective. It can be done if you’re wearing a T-shirt and jeans/skirt or a top/tee over a dress. Again it helps to define the waist line as well as adding an extra element to your outfit.

4. Do the French half tuck

This is a favourite of mine as it’s so easy and I literally do it with every outfit! Also known as the half tuck that’s all it simply is… you tuck in the front of your top and leave the rest out. If you have a shirt on you can either tuck all the front in or half the shirt like in the pic below.

Tan from Queer Eye is also a big fan and I know once you try it you won’t look back!

5. Hem lines are important.

It can be hard to pull off a pencil skirt depending on your height. If you’re petite they can make you look shorter. As a golden rule hem all your pencil skirts no longer than just below your knee for the most flattering length.

This length is flattering for all sizes as your knees (and don’t laugh too hard at this) are like the waist line for your legs. It completes the hourglass shape and avoids the calf area which can be an issue for some women.

6. Roll up shirt sleeves

Similar to using the hair tie on your sleeves this way of styling suits more tailored items. Keep the top button done up to help the sleeve fold. There are two ways in which I like to roll/fold my sleeves- first is just the straight up way of folding the cuff till you get your desired length.

The second is folding the sleeve in half- I like to leave the cuff undone- then fold the sleeve up till it meets the bottom of the cuff then fold again. See pic below as it’s very hard to describe!

7. Cuff your jeans

Cuffing your jeans can be a little tricky depending on the style. My advice is for skinny style denim do a small cuff (half inch wide) folded twice, this helps to keep a more streamlined look.

For more baggier styles roll the cuffs keeping them messy. You can also go bigger with the cuff- say about an inch and a half.

8. Fold the sleeves of your short sleeved t-shirt

Its just a small detail that makes such a difference. You can do it with your tighter fitting shirts or your oversized ones. It’s a little extra effort that makes the difference between wearing a simple T-shirt to a styled piece of clothing. I also like to sew my sleeves in a few inconspicuous spots so they are permanently rolled.

Also just for a bit of extra here are some extra tips I have collected over the years:

  • Use dishwashing liquid to remove oil stains

  • Pop your jeans in a ziplock bag and throw them in the freezer for a few days, that way you don’t have to wash them and ruin the fit

  • If you have a zip that always falls down attach a small plastic hair tie to your zipper and then hook it over your button before buttoning up your jeans

  • Use double sided tape for a quick hem job

All the images used in this post come from Pinterest- you can find them under my board with the same name.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this as much as I have had writing it! Let me know if you try any of my hacks…

Happy styling!

Love Mel xo

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